About Shogun Cars

Shogun Car Company is putting the LHD conversion industry in a spin. With excellent conversions time frames, competitive prices and quality of workmanship, we are leading the industry in making American vehicle as cost effective as purchasing a locally delivered HSV or FPV.

We have invested in technology to allow prototyping to be carried out with accuracy and reducing the time taken to prototype new components. We use data point acquisition systems utilizing the latest and greatest product available on the market today, the Absolute Romer arm. The use of such technology allows us to acquire data from the original part and electronically manipulate the data to produce an electronic image of the new component. The component is then 3D printed in right hand drive format and fitted to the vehicle to ensure correct fitment. The part is then used to manufacture the mould.

From start to finish, all product development and implementation is undertaken in house by highly trained staff under strict quality control procedures.